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“Self-defense is a function of self-reliance.”

Louis Awerbuck


America has learned over the past decade that outside help may not be coming any time soon. Our mission at Cap City Outfitters is to provide responsible citizens in Central Ohio with the ability to be first-responders in adverse situations that may befall themselves, their families and their communities.


  1. A strong belief in the need for personal responsibility in one’s own well being.
  2. A well grounded understanding of the tenets of surviving common adverse situations and how to be best prepared.
  3. A choice to maintain recent and relevant knowledge in the specific tactics, techniques, and procedures of survival; whether it is personal defense, natural disaster, or a medical emergency.
  4. A focus on realistic tools, for a reasonable response to a likely risk.
  5. A commitment to provide exceptional customer service through strong work ethic and honorable business practices.
  6. A team with twenty years of experience in defensive firearms sales and self defense training including martial arts and defensive firearms competition.
School bus post Hurricane Katrina

There is no substitute for experience...

The advice you have access to at Cap City Outfitters is born not from manufacturer marketing materials but from a team that regularly pushes gear to the limit out in the field.

From trips in the woods with the kids in tow to solo motorcycle trips spanning half of North America to self-defense training that simulates car jackings and everything in between, our team is dedicated to constantly evaluating tactics and gear to find what is truly good to go.

Cap City Outfitters is committed to providing guidance based on the lessons we’ve learned the hard way. If we’re not willing to stake our lives on something, why would we ask you.