Cap City Outfitters

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Looking for assistance in customizing your firearms?

Offer the following gun plumbing services:

  • Pistol sight installation: $40 for single dove tail (Glock), $60 for two dove tail.
    If you buy the sights from us, we will reduce the install fee by $20
  • AR railed handguards: $50
  • AR triggers: $20

We may need your slide, upper, etc for up to 5 business days. Please bring your weapon cased and unloaded.

FFL Transfers

We can transfer up to four firearms per Form 4473 / transfer fee.

If you are purchasing a firearm, or receiving a transferred firearm, you will need a valid State of Ohio identification, with your current address, for us to process the sale/transfer. Cap City Outfitters only accepts Ohio Drivers License, Ohio ID Card, or Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL). If your license is not expired, but your address has changed, you will need a second form of ID with your current address such as an Ohio CHL, Hunting License, Fishing License, Range Permit, Vehicle Registration (with address), or USPS Change of Address form.

If you are purchasing a firearm online, transferring a firearm from out of the state, the shipper will need a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL). Please email us the shippers email address. We will email the shipper our FFL and copy you on all comms.

We charge $35 plus tax ($25 plus tax for LE, Fire, EMS, Active/Reserve/Guard/Retired Military, and Certified Security Personnel).

For pick-up of transferred firearms, please allow 1-2 business days after Cap City Outfitter's receipt of firearm to allow for ATF processing.