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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Mindset, Knowledge and Equipment

Cap City Outfitters is the premier destination for responsible citizens in Columbus, Hilliard, and all of Central Ohio to acquire the knowledge and gear necessary for personal defense and family security. We offer a retail environment where clients are able to make educated purchasing decisions on the gear necessary for personal security, concealed carry, home defense, and family safety in the event of criminal acts, natural disasters, and man-made calamities.


Modern defensive firearms and accessories appropriate for personal, home and mobile or site security. We specialize in pistols for concealed carry and AR15s for home defense.

Emergency medical supplies including tourniquets, hemostatic gauze, trauma kits and other life-saving medical gear

Supplies for shelter in place plans and for mobile applications during for natural and man-made disasters

In home collection, filtration and storage systems and small volume mobile systems

Long term storage food as well as commercially available MRE’s and snack/energy/emergency food

Tools necessary to assist in building shelter, processing water, preparing food, signaling, navigation, communication, gear transport, and making life just a little easier under stress.



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