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Having the right gear makes everything else that much easier.

When failure is not an option

Our goal at Cap City Outfitters is to provide you with equipment options for those times in life when the things you have need to work and then keep working. That might be at home or halfway around the globe. Either way, when you or your family’s lives are on the line, failure is not an option.

Product Categories

Our offerings are grouped in the following categories:


Preparedness not paranoia

Cap City Outfitters carries the firearms that we are confident using ourselves in a life and death fight. The tools we carry have passed the test of multiple training classes, tens of thousands of rounds down range, and the harshest environmental conditions we can take advantage of when going to the range.

Cap City Outfitters is more than a gun store. We carry the tools that responsible citizens can depend on to keep themselves, their families and communities safe from the greatest of threats.

We stock the following:

Glock (G19, G43, G17), Smith & Wesson M&P, Ruger, Sig Sauer, CZ, Springfield, and HK

Daniel Defense, Bravo Company Manufacturing, Noveske, FN, Sig-Sauer, Smith & Wesson M&P, and selected premium AR-15 manufacturers

Other long-guns
Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, Ruger 10/22 Takedown, and a carefully curated selection of other shotguns, long-guns and bolt-guns

The support systems needed to actually use the firearms you have. We stock from the following manufacturers: Magpul, Aimpoint, Trijicon, Vortex Optics, Bawidamann Blades, Sidearm Solutions, Raven Concealment Systems, Volund Gearworks, CRKT, ESSE Knives, Spyderco, Bravo Company Manufacturing, ALG, Midwest Industries, Surefire, Streamlight, and other top tier brands.

Medical Supplies

Some injuries are more than a boo-boo

Cap City Outfitters is able to supply you with the items needed for providing first-line treatment to life-threatening trauma. Be ready in the event of a car accident, power tool mishap, or gun shot wound with the proper medical supplies.

The items you find at Cap City Outfitters are carefully selected based on our first-hand experience in multiple training classes and the experiences of close friends who have spent time in various places OCONUS.

Find the following brands and products at Cap City Outfitters: Celox, CAT Tourniquets, QuickClot, Emergency Trauma Dressings, Decompression Needles, and more traumatic medical supplies from North American Rescue.


Smoothing the gaps

Accessories won’t solve major problems in a stressful situation, but they will make certain solutions arrive a little bit faster and simpler. Which makes it easier to shift focus back on the major tasks at hand.

Cap City Outfitters has a carefully chosen collection of tools necessary to assist in building shelter, processing water, preparing food, signaling, navigation, communication, gear transport, and making life just a little easier under stress.

Our collection is ever changing based on the situations we have found ourselves in. Stop in to see what new things we have discovered or if we have something that will fit into your needs.


Stay at home or take it with you

Cap City Outfitters has what you need to shelter in place (stay at home) safely during an emergency along with the equipment to travel light on the go.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dehydration is one of the quickest ways to get further into trouble in any situation. At Cap City Outfitters, you can find multiple options for generating safe drinking water at home, at camp, and on the go. We are a stocking dealer for Berkey Filters, Sawyer Filters, Lifestraw and others.


Making food preparations as easy as pie

Find multiple options for long-term food storage at Cap City Outfitters. We also have the commercial MREs, snacks and energy-dense foods that make a travel light, go fast trip that much better.

If you are looking to do a large/bulk long-term food purchase for your family or group, we can help with that too.

Find the following brands at Cap City Outfitters: Wise Foods, Mountain House, Clif, and more.