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Firearm Transfer Process

Updated COVID-19 Related Transfer Information

Due to increase in transfer and order volume along with staffing challenges, it may take some time from the arrival of your transfer to being ready for pick up.

A notification from FedEx/UPS/USPS that your purchase was delivered does NOT imply that your firearm is ready for pickup. There is additional ATF required processing that we have to do before you can pick up your firearm.

Please do NOT call us inquiring if your item is ready for pick up. We will call you when your item is ready for pick up.

If you are expecting a call about being able to pick up your item, please add 614-319-3446 to your phone book and answer the phone when we call. In the event you are unable to answer the phone, please ensure that your voicemail box is turned on and is not full.

Please remember that transfers are a privilege we extend to our customers. FFL transfers do not operate on "Amazon Prime" timelines. We are a small store and work to devote our attention to customers in our store.

Please carefully read the existing policies below to ensure the smoothest possible FFL transfer experience.

Policies below are effective 1 February 2018

CCO always appreciates you checking in with us first to see if we have or can order the firearm you are currently looking for. We know that online shopping can be easy with a few clicks, but there are times where the overall costs make it cheaper and more convenient to shop with us. Even if we don’t have what you are looking for currently in stock we can generally get that item in very quickly!

If you have purchased a firearm from somewhere else and would like to have it transferred to CCO, we require the firearm to be transferred to us from an FFL.

The information we will require from the seller is:

  • Your name and contact information (phone number and valid email address) so that we may contact you when your transfer is ready to be picked up.
  • Make, model of firearm being transferred
  • A copy of their valid FFL

We request that you email us at: to notify us that you have ordered a firearm(s) online. Please include your contact info, the firearm(s) you have coming and who will be sending the firearm(s) our way. Usually it’s best to forward us the confirmation email that you received from the seller.

Once we have received your firearm(s), we will need to receive it into our Federal Firearms License (FFL) book. This generally means that once your firearm(s) have been delivered it will take 1-2 business days from receipt to log in. Once said firearm(s) has been logged in we will email you to inform you that your item(s) are ready for pickup during business hours. Please DO NOT call or email us asking if your item is ready once your tracking number says your item has been delivered. This just delays your process; we will notify you when it’s ready for pickup.

When you arrive to pick up your new firearm, please remember to have your state of Ohio Driver’s license that has your correct address on it. If your recognized ID is not expired, but your address has changed, you will need a second approved/recognized per BATFE form of ID with your current address such as an Ohio CHL, ODNR Hunting License, ODNR Fishing License, ODNR Range Permit, Ohio BMV Vehicle Registration (with correct address), or USPS Change of Address form. You will then fill out the 4473.

Firearm Transfer Fees

Non-Class III: - $50 - per firearm
LEO, Fire, EMS, Active/Reserve/Guard/Retired Military, and Certified Security Personnel. $35 - per firearm for non class III transfers.

Class III Transfers: - $50 - per suppressor; $100 - per SBR/AOW, etc

Additional Transfer Information

Please Note: CCO is not responsible for firearms damaged during shipping, nor do we warranty transferred firearms and shall not repair or modify any firearm before it is transferred. Please buy from a reputable seller for this reason.

Additional Class III information here.