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We have teamed with to bring you the best options for suppressors

Cap City Outfitters is a Class 3 dealer as a special occupational taxpayer. That means we are able to both sell you suppressors directly and function as the dealer where you are able to pick up your suppressor.

In order to serve you best, we are teaming up with as our primary suppressor showroom so to speak for the following reasons:

  1. Best available selection of centerfire, pistol, and rimfire suppressors from all of the leading industry brands.
  2. Purchasing a suppressor through our storefront at saves you money on inbound transfer fees and
  3. It starts the clock on your Form 4 when you purchase the suppressor verses when your suppressor arrives at Cap City Outfitters if you choose another vendor.
  4. files your Form 4 for you. They take care of correctly filling out all the paperwork.
  5. The prices are some of the best that you can find.
  6. has resources to help you establish a "Gun Trust".

While we are doing our best to get suppressors in store for you to get hands on with prior to purchasing, we are recommending that you go this route. You'll be able to get things faster and file your Form 4's at the time of purchase.

If you would rather purchase with our assistance at the shop, please feel free to stop in as we are happy to help. Likewise, please let us know if you have questions about choosing the best suppressor to meet your needs.

SilencerShip Kiosk Usage

Policies below are effective 1 February 2018

If you have purchased a suppressor from Silencer Shop and have chosen CCO as your local shop then there is no cost to use the Kiosk for your finger prints.

Please note you cannot use the Kiosk here if you are purchasing a suppressor and having it sent to another retailer unless you have purchased the suppressor from Silencer Shop and wish to pay the $40 Kiosk fee to do your finger prints which will link to the email address you have on file with your account at Silencer Shop.

If you are having an item transferred to CCO and wish to have Silencer Shop do your Form 4 or Form 1 and need to use the Kiosk there is an additional $40 fee per item where CCO will upload the info on the item being transferred into Silencer Shop’s portal.

Please call the shop and speak to someone if you are transferring in a Class III item so good comms can be relayed on best practices. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify CCO that they have purchased said tax stamp item and have everything ready to go for CCO to upload the info on their suppressor/SBR etc. Payment for Kiosk use will be due at the time of use.